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Spring Fishing Charters: Anna Maria Island

Spring Fishing Charters: Anna Maria Island with Reel Experience Fishing Charters

Anna Maria is such an awesome fishing destination. Not only can we hit the water year-round, but every time we go out on the boat, we have an abundance of species we might catch.


If you had “Fishing charters Anna Maria Island” on your to-do list this season, then let’s go! Whether you’re looking for inshore fishing or nearshore, we’ve got Anna Maria Island fishing charter boat options galore.


Inshore Fishing Anna Maria Island


AMI inshore is where it’s at, especially this time of year. From Sarasota Bay and Palma Sola Bay, to the Intracoastal Waterway and all the inlets, canals, passes, grass flats, sandbars, mangroves, etc., our area presents an incredible variety for so many different fish to make their homes.



Of course, snook are still the headline-grabbers for inshore fishing Anna Maria Island waters this time of year. We may be nearing the end of Sarasota Bay snook season, but my clients and I are never sad to hook one of these amazing fighters—it just means that in May we get to release them and send them off to replenish next season’s bountiful snook population.


Trout, Spanish Mackerel

But the close of snook season is hardly the end of spring inshore fishing. The warmer water and spring baitfish galore are bringing loads of trout and Spanish mackerel to our local grass flats—especially the ones with a good tidal flow (ie near passes).


Mangrove Snapper

Consistently warm weather means mangrove snapper in Sarasota Bay, too! With a name like mangrove snapper, you might look for them on more natural shorelines. But the best place to fish for this species is actually around hard structures like docks, bridges, seawalls and even shipwrecks.


Nearshore Fishing Anna Maria Island


Not to be outdone by our inshore environments, nearshore fishing for Anna Maria Island means trips around the idyllic Gulf of Mexico. Again, the warmer waters and big schools of baitfish are making all kinds of nearshore species super-active this time of year.


Kingfish and Cobia

The rest of April and into May we’re targeting kingfish and cobia on our nearshore trips. They get to about 50 pounds and are a blast on light tackle. We catch both of these species around reefs and wrecks, so it helps to have a knowledgeable Anna Maria charter captain to guide you to the right spots!


Bonita/Bonito/”Bones” and Permit

Bonita and permit are also around for us to target on the nearshore trips. These species can often be found just a little deeper, but also around wrecks and adjacent flats.


The Final Word of Spring Fishing Charters in Anna Maria Island


Ultimately, with this many fish species to target, you can wind up paralyzed for choice. On top of that, it’s hard to be prepared for so many different species on a single trip: You have to know what bait/tackle/location combo is best for each species. And if you decide to switch it up in a new spot, then you’ve got even more variations to consider!


Best to book a professional fishing charter to get you to where you need to go, with all the right bait and equipment for whatever we encounter. That’s my job! You just get to sit back and enjoy our incredible spring fishing.


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