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Spring Anna Maria Fishing Season: Hogfish, Snapper, Grunts, Porgy and More!

Updated: Mar 20

Spring Anna Maria Fishing Season: Hogfish, Snapper, Grunts, Porgy and More with Reel Experience Fishing Charters on Anna Maria Island, Florida

Are you a Manatee County seafood-lover looking fill your coolers with fish from the Gulf? Now’s the time!


Sure, late winter and early spring on Anna Maria are great for inshore, catch-and-release fishing charter adventures like snook and even juvenile tarpon.


But for anglers who want to stock up on fresh-caught Florida seafood for great eating from now through Memorial Day, you should secure your AMI Reel Experience ASAP. You don’t want to miss out on AMI’s fabulous fishing this time of year.


What Kinds of Fish Do You Catch Off AMI in February and March?


And where do we go to catch them?


Anna Maria Island fishing charters in February and March offer a kaleidoscope of fish right in our own back yard.


Anna Maria Island Inshore Fishing Charters

For folks who want to stay inshore around Sarasota Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway, we will specifically be targeting snook, sea trout and jack crevelle. Snook season for our waters off AMI and into Tampa Bay officially begins at the beginning March, but those fun fighting fish are already active for catch-and-release.


Sea trout, on the other hand, can be bagged up to three per person, per trip. These great-eating fish are in abundance this time of year and open season all year round. And these make them great for family trips with kids of all experience levels!


Jack crevelle aren’t as popular for the dinner table, but man are they fun to catch. They’re in the same family as pompano, they’re super-aggressive feeders, and they fight hard.


Anna Maria Island Nearshore Fishing Charters

When it comes to nearshore AMI charters, I take folks up to nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. In February and March, we’re targeting hogfish, snapper, sheepshead, porgy, and Key West grunts.


And when we talk about filling your cooler with fish, this is the time to really stock up on fresh-caught Florida seafood! Many of these nearshore fish eat a really varied diet, including shellfish, which makes them delicious as well as nutritious.


These many nearshore species present a wide variety of fishing challenges, so depending on the day—as well your skill level and how much excitement you want—we have loads of options. Plus, when it comes to nearshore charters, you may have an opportunity to feel what it’s like to have different species on the line. This makes it great for gaining fishing experience and knowledge.


And while they’re all super-active this time of year, these nearshore species all have different harvesting regulations—though they’re all available to take at least one home per person. So when you and your family get back to the dock, you’ll have loads of great, white, flaky filets for Florida fish tacos and more!


Families Welcome for Spring AMI Fishing Charters


Wherever we go and whatever we’re looking to catch, families are always welcome on my boat. In fact, I love hosting kids on fishing charters, seeing their excitement, and giving them as much guidance as they need. After all, every family is different! With Reel Experience Fishing Charters, you get a personalized fishing adventure to fit your needs.


So if you’ve been eager to feel those tugs on the line, or you’re just hungry to cook up your own fresh-caught meal, now is the time for fishing trips on Anna Maria Island. Sign up for your spot and you’ll have a full freezer in no time!


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